the Shinkansen

One of the things that many foreign visitors want to do in Japan is to ride the Shinkansen,

otherwise known as the “bullet train” which was lanched in 1964 as the world’s first high speed train.

Many rival trains have been introduced, including TGV and ICE in the meantime and, as of 2008,

the world’s highest speed train record 350km/h is held by Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Rail

(technically assisted by Germany and Japan).

As for the speed, it is difficult for Shinkansen to compete

with them because its routes include many curves and tunnels.

The Shinkansen’s top speed remains at 300km/h.

But the Shinkansen takes pride in being No.1 in its frequency of daily departures from Tokyo station,

which is every five mimutes, and the average delay per day, which in only six seconds.